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"Roses- Grow Rainbows in your Garden!: Your QUICK START Guide to Rose Growing SUCCESS!

 AT LAST! A Quick-Start Rose Guide That Ends the Confusion,  the Searching, the Guessing....and Takes You Step-by-Step to
Growing a Yard FULL of  Gorgeous, Healthy  Roses!                                                                   


Ready to Stop dreaming about growing your own glorious garden full of eye-popping blooms? (Simply CLICK the HERE.........Or Read On! )


Simply follow the simple tips and guidelines provided in 'Roses - Grow Raibows in your Garden' - and you'll have all the best advice you need to start growing your own gorgeous, healthy roses right outside your front and back doors!

Whether you live in a cold-climate zone of very harsh winters - or the opposite - and/or have little gardening experience...there are thousands of roses from which to choose...and this guidebook will show you how to choose the right roses for you that you can enjoy with success and pride!

Anyone with desire can learn to successfully grow strikingly beautiful roses!  As a novice Rosarian, you can feel the thrill of success and gain confidence, while adding life and exciting accent to your yard, with Landscape Roses (perfect for the beginning gardener), various Shrub Roses or the much-loved fragrant Old Garden Roses.  There are sooo many possibilities to delight you!

If you are an admirer of roses, you can become the envy of friends, family and neighbors with the right gardening advice.  This guide aims to transform you from Rose Admirer to  Rose-Growing Gardener!


So -If you are ready to liberate that garden of rose splendor from your imagination and make it real -- then let me share with you the..

"Time-Tested Secrets of Growing Gorgeous, Healthy Roses!"


"Roses-Grow Rainbows in Your Garden" contains all the information you need to add beauty and living style to your yard with all types of roses. The helpful take-you-by-the-hand-tutelage of this Quick- Start Rose growing guide will help you learn to surround your home with glowing rainbow shades of stunning Roses....and revel in the exotic fragrances of your Rose companions.




(You can download"Roses -Grow Rainbows in Your Garden!" directly to your computer and get started right away on your own Rose-growing glory.....You can order Now if  you're ready to start your wonderful adventure....or read on for more exciting details ....

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                 Here's a peek inside this helpful guide to see what YOU will learn about                           gardening with roses:               


yellow bud   Select the right rose for you. Learn the 6 most important factors to consider.  (Page 5)


redbud    Tips covering what to look for when purchasing roses. (Page 71)


purplebud   Plan your dream garden by Color-- using these lists for a Quick Start!  Special Bonus!


yellow bud   Discover why morning sunlight is very valuable when planting your roses. (Page 41)


redbud     Why you should water your Roses at certain time of day - and how often. (Pages 52-53)


purplebud    18 key tips - Plant your organic Roses with success.. (Pages 49-52)


yellow bud    9 tips for planting your potted roses successfully. (Pages 70)


      redbud     Ward off fungal diseases -avoid this watering technique!(Page 53)


     purplebud    The best time for roses to be planted? Find out which season here!.  (Page 45)


      yellow bud     How to determine the quality of your soil by its color. (Page 41)


      redbud      What to do when your roses arrive by mail.. Important tips to keep them healthy in this vulnerable    interim.  (Page 49)  


     purplebud     Discover the easiest ways to prevent diseases from taking over your roses. (Page 56)


     yellow bud      6 simple steps to take to keep your roses healthy and ensure longevity. (Pages 78 )


     redbud      This planting tactic aids your Roses' health..and allows you to pot them if you should  need to in the     future. (Page 46)


     purplebud     How to quench your roses' thirst! (They need their 'moisture' treatments! :-) (Page 52)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

    yellow bud     Select roses to perfume your yard and garden from this list. Get started on your perfumed paradise  now!   See Special Bonus Reference - 'Fragrant Rose Flowers'.


    redbud      Learn to recognize what's wrong and how to give your Roses Rx to combat it. (Page 78)


    purplebud    Understand why cut roses droop and how to prevent it from happening. (Page110)


    yellow bud     'Salon Services'Know-How :  When -and Why - to give your Roses a 'Haircut' or 'Manicure'  
  Prune like a pro!    (Pages 59-64)


    redbud       5 simple steps to air drying your roses - keep them... and the memories.... forever! (Page 113) 


    purplebud     Learn how a simple soft drink can be used to help prevent bacteria! (Page 111)


    yellow bud      Cold climate flowers you may want to make your long-time companions.  Discover which roses to   grow where Mother Nature chills to the bone. (Page 27)

    redbud       What is pH?  - and why you should care? (Page 40)


    purplebud     Understand that 'Black Spots' are a descriptive name for a sorry fungal disease, and                           learn how to remedy the situation. (Pages 85)   


    yellow bud     What to do if your soil doesn't drain well... keep your Roses from  'drowning'! (Pages 35-38


    redbud       Understand how to design with the height of your roses and how this affects the look of your garden and your roses' health -     for better or for worse! (Page 5)  


    purplebud     Guard against the ravages of cold winters on your roses. (Page 26)    


     yellow bud    What do bananas and a simple yellow pan have to do with roses?    Mystery solved here! (Page 80)


redbud     Learn which roses are perfect for the novice gardener! (Page 10, 11,18, et.al)


purplebud   Discover how to use fertilizers to keep your plants healthy. (Page 54-56)


yellow bud    Know when you should NOT fertilize your roses - doing so could be disastrous! (Page 55)


redbud     Roses as keepsakes --Step-by-step instructions to professionally sand dry your roses - decorate your                             house and use for gifts!  (Pages 114-115)                                                   


   purplebud    Decipher what makes a modern Rose 'modern' and an Antique Rose  'old garden'. (Pages 9-11)


      yellow bud    Learn how to properly position your Roses for their best growth conditions. (47)


   redbud     What to do if you can't plant your organic roses immediately, as you should! (Page 50)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

      purplebud    You spot semi-circular holes on your Roses' leaf edges.  Should you be concerned? (Page 83)


yellow bud     Treat your roses to a booster 'cocktail' with this simple recipe! (Page 75)


redbud      Which rose remains lovely even when not in bloom! Find out here....(Page 20)


purplebud    Discover which season is most suitable for pruning. (Page 61)


yellow bud     A simple technique that can save you considerable time on maintenance. ...(Page 14)


redbud      Roses prefer the 'outdoor life'. Find out which Rose you can plant indoors with success. (Page 23)


     purplebud     Multiply your Rose Rainbow family at no cost!  Expand the glory of your Rose Garden...                  
   Special Reference Booklet!


     yellow bud      Best Roses to grow for hips.  Use them in nutritious, healthful recipes for your family!
                   Special Report!


     redbud        A simple technique to protect your roses during the winter months...revealed here...(Page 58)


    purplebud      Protect your flowers from diseases and insects -  prepare your pruning shears this way. (Page 57)


     yellow bud      Why rain water alone is not enough for your roses. (Page 52) What you should do....


redbud      Start pruning your Roses before this occurs for best results. (find out what 'this is' on page 56 )


     purplebud     Discover which companion flowers for your Roses send out 'no vacancy signs' to unwelcome pest-
guests.  (Page 127)


     yellow bud      Learn how to rid your flowers of aphids and spider mites - they can be hazardous to your
                  Roses' health.(Page 126)


     redbud       Bring your roses back to health from over a dozen different common insects and diseases.
                  (Pages 78-96)

    purplebud       A no cost - totally organic- -pest potion-  - Chase away those nasty bugs! (Page 127)


     yellow bud       A simple, sneaky way to post 'no trespassing' signs to insect invaders! (Page 128)  



And there's MUCH more Guaranteed! 


peach Rose



Add Life To Your Home Garden With The      

World's Most Beloved Flower?! 



Just imagine the thrill of walking through your garden arbor, lavishly draped with graceful, romantic boughs of colorful rose blooms, some delicate buds peeking through the lattice... Picture yourself lounging on your patio or garden swing in blissful peace, savoring the intoxicating perfume of your favorite roses surrounding you...


If you can appreciate these visions of your imagination, then you can make them into beautiful blooms of reality in your ideal Rose garden.  Even a novice rose admirer can direct such special spirit to grow breathtaking, healthy roses that will exhilarate like the glow of rainbows after a storm. You just need some helpful guidance!


 Think about the time and work that can be saved with the proper information!

Some fundamentals to ponder....

How should you select the proper roses

How do you properly prepare the soil where they will spend their lives pleasing you

How do you plant your roses in the right way and conditions

How should you properly water, feed, prune and maintain your roses

How do you care for your roses in winter so they survive to bring you joy another year

Should you prune all roses the same way?

Proper insight, knowing what to do and what to expect will help you avoid mistakes and prepare the proper foundation from the start! Doing anything the wrong way may invite disease and pests to strike. And then...that will require more time and cost to be expended...with weakened rose shrubs that may struggle...or worse.

            The invaluable tips in my Rose manual will save you from making those mistakes
            and the extra work of combating the sad results.


You can save yourself a tons of time, disappointment and unneeded troubles
and cost by following the guidelines in my tip-laden guide!


All the Simple Secrets you need to know are revealed here...!


...all the tips and know-how to make sure you pick the right flower for you, plant them the right way - in the right soil and the proper location,  maintain them correctly, and protect them from disease...


..everything you need to know for success that will help you enjoy gorgeous, healthy Rose Rainbows from your own porch, garden or picture window! For YEARS to come!


 The easy to follow guide is packed with tips, graphics, charts and splendid photos to
inform and inspire.  All the hard work of research, weighing one point against the next and then making sense of it all in the end has been done for you.  The important facts distilled.

This manual will instill the basics necessary to rose growing success, and supplement with just the right information to help you understand, rather than be confused by the details. You will have right at your fingertips an invaluable resource for years to come of all the necessary details to handle the task at hand and easily understand the reason behind them.


 -   The extremely helpful Appendix provides additional insight, information and eye-popping photos to supplement your Rosarian experience!


~  And How About Some Fun When You're Done?!  ~


Beyond the visual and  fragrant enjoyment of your Rose Rainbows, there are additional benefits of medicinal and nutritional applications. Not to mention all the FUN! of additional dimensions of Rose gardening to enjoy for a lifetime!

The creative joy and emotional fulfillment of preparing gifts, keepsakes and mementoes as well as nutritious recipes for family and special friends are not overlooked!

This new e-Book provides special gift ideas, craft instructions and recipes to show you ways to enjoy these additional dimensions of the versatile Rose...from your very own garden!



And a Beautifully Landscaped Yard Adds Significant VALUE
to your Home!

It is a Worthy"Investment" that rewards with Joy, Creativity, Beauty and Fulfillment!



-- AND! --




As a sincere Thanks  for trying my Help-Filled Rose Guide

-- I'm excited to include Two BIG BONUS PACKAGES with your purchase!     




Check Out the FREE  BONUSES!

 Total value of these 9 Special Bonuses valued over $100 alone!)
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      star  gif  Bonus Package #1                                                             

A special Package of 7 invaluable Resources -              

A Rose Glossary - Insight into Best Rose Selection by Habit and Growth Character                                                                                

 A Rose Selection Checklist Chart for Landscape Applications           

 Rose Selections by Color in each Class

 Rose Selections for Cut Flowers - By Class
  AND  Color   (2   listings)                                     

 How to Get the Most From Your Cut Flowers                                     

 A Selection of Most Fragrant Rose Flowers    (with classification listed)



star  gifBonus Package #2   

2 additional Special Resources to further
inspire and assist in achieving your Rose Garden dreams (limited time)


 Expanding Your Rose Rainbow Family                                               

 .  Rose Problem Rx - Troubleshooting Guide - Diseases and Pests     





    "Growing Beautiful Roses is Easier Than You Think!"


It all starts with solid, reliable information garnered from collective years of observation, experience and scientific data.


All the tips, tricks, and techniques of the home gardener, pro
and expert you can think of have been passed down time and
time again...but sorting through it all and making sense of it,
and putting it to practice...it's overwhelming and hard to
remember it all. And those special little 'secrets' somehow
seem to evade us...


The best and most successful tips to help you get started
on your garden have been brought together for you all
in one guidebook:(With a Quick-Start Plan for immediate action!)


"Roses-Grow Rainbows in Your Garden"

  This manual is your jumpstart to growing successful roses!

 And it's packed with information in easy-to-grasp doses that will       teach you how to keep them growing and glowing for years to come!

  And MORE! -Additional special gift ideas, craft instructions and        recipes are included to add even more dimension to your Rose        growing enjoyment!


And 9 invaluable Free BONUS Resources are included with your purchase today...)


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Start Shaping your Dreams into Reality
in MOMENTS from now


You will use this invaluable resource time and again!

                  Save Yourself Time, Effort and Money!  




If you have been denying yourself the life-long pleasures of growing your
own Roses,
this Guidebook can put an end to the yearning, and get you on
the right path to success right from the beginning!


If you've tried before, and lost favorite Roses to disease or pests, this book can
help you ease those painful memories. It will save you money, time, effort...and heartbreak..


The disappointment of putting forth so much work - from dreaming about those special Rose specimens, planning, narrowing down a list of desires.... to all the work of digging and planting, feeding, watering,....only to see it end in loss...all of this can be devastating.



Why Take the Risk of Wasted Work, Time, Money and the
                         Emotional Crash of Loss?

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Rather than potential loss...
the path to success is within your grasp from the start!

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