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This guidebook holds more than 160 pages of solid, easy to follow guidance to get you started quickly on your new adventure - supplemented with quick-consult charts, lists, illustrations and luminous photos. - And My helpful QUICK-START PLAN to get you off on your rosy path!


Your doubts will be erased as you understand the basics and master the special methods that Rosarians have long used to grow Roses successfully. You CAN do it, too!   


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redbud2 gif   So - you'd rather not use chemicals to combat nasty Rose invaders?  Use this chart to find organic            and low toxic solutions. (Page 137 - Appendix)


goldbud gif   Decorate your cakes, pastries, desserts....even ice cream with this sparkling crystallized Rose...from        your own garden! Dazzle your friends and family with your special touches!  (Page124)


 bluebud gif     Oh...that iridescent bug is beautiful! Can anything that pretty be bad? (Find out - page 141 photo)


redbud2 gif        Why adding a birdbath near your Roses is a good thing and best tips to do it. (Page 96)


goldbud.gif         A simple kitchen foil trick to ward off this nasty pest. (Page 80)


bluebud gif       Why you want to attract bugs to your garden! No kidding!.. (Find out which ones are Rose-
            Buddies.)  (Page 93)


redbud2 gif        Make these delicious (and healthful!) recipes from your own homegrown roses for gift-giving!            (Pages 119 - 124)  


 goldbudgif        Discover which Roses are best to grow for your own perfumed Potpourri. (Page 116)


 bluebud gif       Plant these common garden companions as living mulch - and to ward off pests.  Save both               work and heartache! (Page 127)   


redbud2 gif       How to make a rosary - complete with perfume - from your own Roses!  (Page 118)


 goldbud gif       Say it with Colored Rose Flowers.  Find out which Rose colors will express just what you want to             say. (Pages 102-105)


 bludbud gif     How to use USDA Hardiness Zones to find suitable roses - no matter where in the world you             live! See Appendix - Pages 145-151)


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This Quick-Start Guide will encourage you by dispelling your doubts, helping you take those first steps from armchair to garden and have you selecting those special Roses
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. A Rose Glossary                                                                                   

. A Rose Selection Checklist Chart for Landscape Applications             

. Rose Selections by Color and also by Class (2 listings)                         

. Rose Selections for Cut Flowers - By Class AND Color                         

. How to Get the Most From Your Cut Flowers.                                      

. A Selection of Most Fragrant Rose Flowers (with classification listed)


star jpgBonus Package #2

 2 Additional Special References to further inspire and assist in achieving    
your Rose Garden dreams                                                

 . Expanding Your Rose Rainbow Family                                               

 .Rose Problem Rx - Troubleshooting Guide - Diseases and Pests   

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 SUMMARY - ' Roses - Grow Rainbows in Your Garden'....

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