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There dwells within those who love the earth and her gardens a special spirit,

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Rose gardening

Have you admired -- from afar -- gorgeous arbors dripping with breathtaking,
graceful rose blooms -- or been transfixed by intoxicating perfumes as you passed by someone else's garden?


Have you envied the 'knack' for breathtaking rose flowers of friends or family - and deep in your heart, wished that you, too, could grow those eye-popping rose blooms to make their jaws drop?


Do you long to experience the joys, beauty and fragrance of Roses season-long --in your own garden...and not just on special occasions from the store?!

If you do, you're about to discover all the Simple Secrets you'll ever need to create your own breathtaking Rose Garden landscape!

No longer will you need to grab some fleeting special moments of delight
from someone else's Rose Haven as you happen by....and wonder how they do it!

You can bask in the Splendor of Your OWN Rose Sanctuary...and be the Envy of your entire Neighborhood!

Rose gardening is known to be one of the most pleasant and rewarding hobbies
enjoyed by humankind.

    In fact, our earliest cave dwelling predecessors likely stopped to smell some roses
along the way!


Roses are beautiful, exquisite creations! Rose blooms and shrubs are beloved throughout the entire world - the most prolific, enduring and coveted of all flowers. Rose inspire the spirit and decorate the heart as well as your landscape!

The colors of roses, too, carry a variety of rose meanings, and they symbolize love, friendship, romance, sympathy and peace with an elegant beauty.  Rose flowers come in a rainbow of hues to thrill your eyes and inspire your soul and are found in numerous varieties to delight any color theme for your rose landscaping and gardening desires.

    • If you've tried to grow roses before - and had sad results- or lost favorite
      Roses to disease or pests

    • If you're fearful of the cost of time and money spent - only to lose your
      prized rose flowers..

    • If you're just too afraid to try growing Roses because of others' experience
      or comments...

    • If you wonder why it is that you just don't seem to be able to 'get it' -
      while others make their roses flourish..

That all surely brings on an array of emotions that we'd rather avoid...And so we do...

We deny ourselves the incredible pleasures of joy, inspiration and beauty surrounding us everyday..

We deny ourselves the expression of our own creativity..and the sense of accomplishment that can fill our being.

Your heart may ache for that lush, breathtaking display of glorious bloom that so enchants your spirit...

Your soul nags at you with the giddy desires each time you see a happy garden full of rose blooming glory. You page through magazines brimming with heart-stopping photos of radiant Roses embellishing colorful landscapes that you wish were in your own back yard! And you feel disheartened when you envy the 'knack' others seem to have as you stroll past their glorious and splendid rose gardens, busrsting with breathtaking bloom in every corner! And ..it's killing you to know...just what is their secret?!!


If you have been denying yourself the life-long pleasures
of growing your own Roses ...


If you're worried about wasting time, money, and work only to experience disaster      

   or disappointment ... Don't Be!    Take Heart!



You Can Create Your Own Yard Full
of Breathtaking Roses!"

You don't need a Green Thumb!

If you have Desire in your heart and dedicate a bit of time,
then I can give you the guidance, 'secrets', formulas and
techniques you need to get started NOW
to achieve the Rose-blooming Glory Garden
of your imagination and heart's dreams!



And before long, you will have put an end to the yearning and dismay......and will be creating the rose garden haven of your dreams! (...with the amazed admiring appreciation (and envy..?.) of neighbors, friends and family...) All the fears, pain and disappointment of loss after putting forth work and effort ...along with the pinching cost...can be put in the past...


Roses are beautifully elegant flowers that enliven your home and your
spirits with bountiful blossoms and can sweeten your surroundings
with amazing fragrance and joy!


And that's not all! You can produce your own bouquets, gifts, potpourri -- even enhance your health with home grown petals or rose hips for teas, jams and other luscious recipes! Roses are not only gorgeous - they are nutritional powerhouses as well!   And did you know that civilizations through time have also relied upon Roses for medicinal applications?




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Hello Rose Gardening Enthusiasts!



This is Cathy  with Rosy Greetings - here at "The Rose Zone"!


I hope you've been enjoying my website ...with the aim of helping you discover --or reacquaint yourself with-- the wonders of the Rose, how to appreciate their many facets of mystique and joy, and how to plant and grow healthy rose shrubs in your own garden and home to enjoy and savor for a lifetime!

BUT if you want a quicker start...and need a simple to follow, Step-by-Step PlAN...then I can help you there as well! All the hard work of sifting through all the jargon, theories, techniques and debate is already done --- then deciphered and sorted through for you -- everything all organized..and ready to go...

Y ou can get started on the creation of your very own private Rose Paradise TODAY..and can actually be discovering all the simple secrets and tips you'll ever need to succeed - within MINUTES from now! ...Catch more on that below...

If you're anything like me... you appreciate the beauty of mother nature. Being surrounded with happy blooms, swaying trees, birds singing and butterflies flitting through the roses is a mini-vacation available every day - right outside my door. (My secret longing has always been to have my own private bountiful version of the 'Hanging Gardens of Babylon! I know it's good for my soul... and I have no doubt that such an "escape' is good for the health...

I just LOVE the lush, eye-pleasing surround of floral vines, cascading their blooming grandeur gracefully down a garden wall or structure ... the enticing flower fragrances drifting sweetly through the air to delight my nose! It all just sooo lifts my spirits, makes my heart sing giddy songs...and makes me so00 happy to greet another day!

Along with the more 'public' floral displays, I've also imagined and created my own private secret garden, tucked away from the neighbors' view and passers-by. A special place where I can 'cocoon' and repose to read a favorite book, sip a cool drink, listen to soft music in my earphones...or just to enjoy the delight of a pleasant, sunny day, listening to the birds sing, watching the squirrels play...or enjoying the entertaining antics of my cats romping amongst the glorious blooms. Yes!-- My special fuzzy family members absolutely LOVE the roses and gardens too!

I just cherish the view of rose blossoms peeking through an over-head arbor, draping their resplendant blossoms around me... And the fragrance of my favorite rose just makes my spirits smile and soar -- home-grown aromatherapy! ... (although I think the neighbors might have started to wonder about me with my nose tucked inside the blooms every time I pass by ...

And yet, I had also felt the pain and agony of loss of some of my favorite rose companions...and with broken spirits... lamented all the work, cost and effort I'd put in, only to see them whither and die.

So I got down to the nitty-gritty of sifting through what works and what doesn't. Tried this theory and that tip, researched what the the experts and the hobbiests recommend and did my own due diligence..and discovered what works for me, and what is tried and true for others through time as well.

Along the way, the discoveries and nurtured rose-bloom glory along with the appreciative oohs/aahs of admiring friends and neighbors, brought so much joy and spirit-enhancing pleasure! The thrill of inspiring others to begin growing roses themselves, the happy experience of sharing beauty and bouquets, the liberation of creative expression and blossoming confidence gained with each new bursting bloom all left their mark. This joy, passion, liberated creativity and the pure joy of sharing left impressions on heart and soul beyond words - feelings that can be felt and understood by those who experience the successful nurture of one's own rose gardens. All this inspired me to decide to finally put in all the exacting work of bringing it all together to help share with other rose enthusiasts like you... to reveal all those 'dirty' little secrets' (..if you'll forgive the pun...:-) ....to enable you to enjoy the bliss of your own creations as well!

With so much 'negative' in the everyday world...every uplifted heart can truly help make this burdened world a happier, more positive place. Have you ever been on either end of a simple kindness...and remember how much difference that made in your perspective for the day...and beyond? I know how much the simple joys of my roses and gardens bring to my heart and core. As vibrant, gorgeous 'Smile Generators', they can be holisitic mental 'therapy' - as well as delightful, healthy don't -even-notice phsycial activity in the fresh outdoors!

And isn't it always such a wonderful treat when others share the joy of your own experience as well!? The gift of Joy multiplied! So....the result of these efforts is my sincerely hopeful contribution to helping make this world a more beautiful dwelling place -- and I hope to share it with you!

I hope you, too, will give yourself the chance to let your spirit speak from your soul and let your heart's desires take flight... and create your own haven of peace ... a yardscape of inspiring rose beauty to wake up to and behold every single day,...and a wonderful place to entertain family and friends on pleasant days! (... not to mention a romantic dinner or two with that 'special someone' by candlelight' and natural rose scent to add to the ambience... )

As I explain further below.....If you can appreciate these visions of your imagination, then you can make them into beautiful blooms of reality in your ideal Rose Garden! Even a novice rose admirer can direct such special spirit to grow breathtaking, healthy roses that will exhilarate like the glow of rainbows after a storm! You don't need a "green thumb" --You just need the proper guidance with your desire!

My book, 'Roses - Grow Rainbows in your Garden' will help you to capture that 'Rainbow feeling' of joyful wonder, hope and bliss with just that needed guidance --and can help you grow resplendant displays of Roses that will make you the 'talk' of the Neighborhood!

I hope you're catching on to what I'm trying to express (is my enthusiasm showing? )....that Rose Gardening is for Everyone! Whether home owner, condo or apartment dweller - you can enjoy the benefits and beauty that Roses bring to your life!

There are so many wonderful things you can accomplish and savor from your own Rose Garden! Inside - or outdoors! There are literally thousands of rose varieties to choose from and all colors of the rainbow! If you desire the pleasure of exotic perfumes around you...you can surely find some reliable, faithful Old Garden Roses to fill that desire - among many others! Some of the newer, more fragrant Hybrid Teas may be your ticket to fulfillment --along with their greatly admired high-centered 'figures'. You may want to choose a "theme" for your rose displays. Consider growing some "celebrity" roses for example... You could choose the newer delicately colored cream and pink 'Princess Diana' or longer-run favorites such as 'Judy Garland' or 'Bob Hope'. You could even wax historical and grow roses favored in Washington and Jefferson's time or a totally 'Victorian' Rose Garden with specimens that were 'all the rage' during that era. Or nurture right outside your window the 'Souvenir de la Malmaison' - stemming from the original grown on palace grounds of Napoleon's Empress Josephine! And for a Hybrid Tea Iand adon't those 'rumors' say Hybrid Teas are supposed to be so0o 'touchy'?...) with both physical appeal and disease resistance, you can try the gorgeous orange and yellow ARS acclaimed 'About Face'. And there are now 'thornless' Hybrid Tea Roses as well!

You could capture that 'adventurous' or 'different' streak you possess by growing more 'unusal' specimens, such as a 'Candy-stripe...or Black - or Blue - Rose. While true colors of black and blue aren't yet marketed, the "Black Magic" is so deeply red that it is perceived as black. Mother Nature has not seen fit to develop a true blue rose...(but two companies have been working on the genetics and are now growing test batches...so it may be just a matter of time....)... but white roses can be dyed blue for your fondest purpose, and there are the lovely lilac-blue shades to enjoy. And the list goes on... into the thousands...with various other Roses of different classes - suited to different purposes and desires!

And that's just the start! Wow! You can have so much fun with your own Roses ...beyond just growing them! You can use the roses you grow in your own garden in so many creative ways -- for a variety of craft projects, special occasion bouquets, gifts and even in healthy recipes for you and your family! And Roses can bring out that 'artisic' essence in each of us...In addition to the 'Landscape canvas' you can paint...think of the Photo or Art hobbyist in your family...and the colorful, radiant 'subjects' to capture in the lens or oil canvas for posterity (I've included several recipes and craft projects in my book as well...for some fun with your Roses, too!) !

Growing roses is a hobby that will enhance your life and engage your every day for years to come! (And an added welcome benefit -- if done properly -- the increased value of your home!)And if you're looking for something you can do together, Rose Gardening is an ideal endeavor for couples or entire families to enjoy together as well!

There's just something special about Roses! They will decorate your home-scape as well as your inner soul. They will captivate your heart and give you years of enjoyment and interest to enrich your mind and spririt. Every Rose you nurture will reward you with their own 'pots of gold ' of beauty, fragrance, elegance and the joys of glorious rainbow hues to feast your eyes. Not to mention those of your admiring neighbors!

So... if you, too, want to capture the practical and aesthetic pleasures, joys and benefits of gardening roses in your life ...and you just need a helping hand... please read on.... and discover how I can help you get started to bring that wonderful sense of joy, achievement and soul-enriching fulfillment into reality! Starting Today!

You supply the time and desire...and I'll 'take you by the hand' and lead the way! I've packed my book with all the tips of success that I use...and that pros and other successful gardeners have quietly passed along through the years. With my Quick-Start Plan and 160 pages plus of friendly, easy-to-use help....together ... we can get you outside -- creating breathtaking backdrop views to enjoy from every window of your home! And rather than imagining the Rose Paradise of your Dreams... you, too, can capture that "Rainbow Thrill"... and soon be basking in the living wonder and beauty of Rose Splendor you've held inside -- for far too long -- as a mere vision of hope!

Hope to See you soon --- on the 'Rosy' Side!


Cathy at  The -Rose - Zone

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