Growing Roses in Your Heart

The Special Joys and Benefits of Rose Gardening

Rose gardening is a wonderful lifelong passion
to possess. Roses create breathtaking vistas in
our landscape to behold, as gifts to our senses
and soul. But rose shrubs have practical and fun
applications as well that enhance our lives,
which delights rose growing beginners as well as
rose buffs!
And since rose flowers carry all the hues of the
rainbow, they have come to carry special symbolic
value through time. The meaning of roses and rose
colors have had significance throughout history.
Welcome to your journey of discovery and the many
joys and benefits of growing beautiful roses!

Rose gardening is an artful science. It can be a simple experience of trial and error with the simple enjoyment of working and creating with mother earth…or you can become ultra scientific. And any where in between these realms you may desire.


Gardeners in general, and rose gardeners for certain, all have their own special formulas and techniques devised over time..and they come primed with advice if you ask them about their favorite hobby! Rose lovers learn what works with their particular soil, their vantage points and neighboring plants, type of water, sun exposure, and their thumbs become greener with each joyous passing year. Some rosarians grow very fond of their roses and nurture them with special care. More than a few committed rose gardeners have been known to talk to their special ‘progeny’ to encourage and coax them into perfect blooms and perfect health.


Roses Delight with Many Special Attributes

With their majestic and elegant beauty, the vast array of colors, shapes and choices and their intoxicating perfumes, roses are one of the most popular and irresistable flowers on earth. Rose gardening provides many pleasures. In addition to working with mother earth in her soil, and bringing to life the wondrous beauty of a rose shrub in full bloom, there are many other ways to enjoy roses. Gardening roses grace our lives with their elegant beauty and perfumes and can be used to solve home landscape problems as well as to create beautiful crafts and medicinal applications! Sharing their glory with others is a special benefit to the heart and soul.


Presenting a resplendent rose to a favorite person in your life — from your own garden, nurtured with your own love and efforts — is a priceless feeling. Sending a home grown rose or bouquet as a token of appreciation or affection to someone in the hospital, nursing home…or someone lonely, is such a special way to warm the heart. Gifting friends, relatives, mentors or a special teacher for your child with your home grown blooms is a special way to say “Thank You”, You’re Special” or “Just Because”. And nurturing roses that provide continuous seasonal beauty in your home for your family to enjoy is beyond words. And the neighbors, who may be favored with a view of your rose havens, are particularly lucky to enjoy the bonus you provide them, as well as a special, fragrant bouquet of roses from time to time. And if it’s security or privacy you seek, some well-placed rose bushes can add a heavy measure of sharp thorns to keep unwanted visitors at bay!


Special gifts made from your own home grown roses are a source of special pride. Beautiful crafts and healthy recipes are other favorite ways to enjoy the love you grow in your own rose garden. And what about a special wedding, anniversary or family reunion in your home rose paradise as stunning backdrop?


Taking First Steps to your Own Rose Garden

If you want to truly enjoy gardening with roses, be prepared to dig in … literally… into mother earth. Getting one’s hands dirty is part of the pleasure of embracing the experience! Handy helpers, such as gloves and garden tools, are sure to aid your endeavors and help you become one with the soil of mother nature, while nurturing your rose companions.


Mulch, hoes, a good shovel, watering cans, a hose connected to an easy water supply, good rose food and pest and disease combatants are items you’ll want to stock up. Natural humus, peat and soil conditioners..and/or an active compost pile are great friends to have at your ready for prime roses. Don’t forget long, elbow length rose gloves for those rose shrubs with thorns…which most, of course, have! And consider keeping some good antiseptic and bandages handy for those mishaps when your rose bushes grab and hang on! It’s all part and parcel of the true rose gardening adventure! Unless, of course, you choose to go solely with thornless roses!


As hard as we may work, pests and diseases may still find their way to our rose shrubs. Getting to know your rose plants well will enable you to recognize the traits of unhealthy change that may affect color, leaves or overall appearance. Roses, like all living things, need to be monitored and nurtured.


Doing due diligence and researching before you begin your rose gardening journey is certainly recommended. You have a great start right here! There are also myriads of books, magazines, articles and advice columns you can employ in your education. It can be a bit daunting to put it all together. There are so many ideas and theories. But gardening roses need not be a difficult undertaking! A successful friend or neighbor can possibly help get you on your way, and of course, the resources here are aimed to help ground you in rose gardening and to take away the confusion and resulting inertia…and get you going on your own breathtaking home landscape full of blooming, gorgeous roses! (See below for more help to get started!)


Start Your Rose Garden in Your Heart

Most of us decide first what colors we love and desire in our garden. A visit to your local nursery is always a good start to see what rose types grow well in your area. So, for rose gardening beginners, discovering first what grows well in your area via your local nursery or garden center is a prime first step.


  • Take note of conditions the rose plant’s needs…space requirements, sunlight, height and width at maturity, and match them to your home-scape to assure you have the proper space and conditions.


  • Ask about the rose’s hardiness in cold weather, its susceptibility to disease and pests.


  • Then, look for the colors in these rose specimens to match your heart’s desire…and you have taken your first steps to beginning your own home rose garden to enthrall you for years!


Take into consideration not only your favorite colors, but what will match your home decor and surroundings. If your choices are fairly wide open, you may decide upon a ‘theme-color’ rose garden..or one that incorporates and matches the color of the roses you choose to the rose color meanings and symbolism. Make your own home-grown rose landscape statement!


Find Your Rose Gardening Needs Here! …and MORE!


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From here…it is a matter of proper prep and placement in the areas you desire to enjoy your roses and learning some tips about soil conditioning and proper planting. This we will take up in other entries and resources! – See my resources below for help to get you started now…


If you’re in pre-planting season…rose gardening novices can grab a catalogue of rose plants for your area… just as seasoned rose buffs often do — or if in season…visit your local gardening center or nursery and feast your eyes, senses and heart’s desire.


And swing wide our own Garden Gate here at The Rose Zone and continue on in …stay a while to learn, enjoy, find inspiration …… Your Rose Gardening Adventure has begun!

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