Midsummer Rose Care Musings


Rose  shrub and garden care in mid-summer
includes rose dead-heading, weeding, final 
fertilizing, rose pest and disease reconnaissance
— and just your pure enjoyment! 
But there’s more you can do now for even more
glorious rose flower displays next year and beyond! 
Take a few ‘green’ steps now to recycle yard and
tablewaste and turn them into black gold for your
rose soil!  You will enrich your roses while saving
some ‘green’backs — and our precious planet as well!



Summer Rose Shrub Care


 thanks to -- fg-a.com/flowers.htmIt’s mid-summer.  You finally have all the annuals planted around your rose shrubs, and hopefully, they’re blooming. The weeds have been tackled, the  final  rose fertilizer applied, the mulch renewed. Rose pests and diseases have been dispensed with, any needed rose pruning has been done and additional soil amendments have long since been worked into the soil  around your rose garden plants.


Whew!  Time for a breather…and a cool drink to sip, while you sit back and enjoy the glory of all your work! Wonderful moments to relax, enjoy the season, your gorgeous roses… and contemplate…well… your belly-button.. if that’s what brings you joy!


Most likely, though, you will be drinking in the incredible  joy of the enchanting visions you have created in your home  landscape. Your roses are smiling in the sun and brightening your yard with any number of  hues of the rainbow!  The arbors are lush with cascading rose vines and adorable blossoms peeking through the lattice.  You sigh – with pride and deep satisfaction – at the work of  living art you have created.  Your friends and neighbors also appreciate the beauty you have brought to behold and enjoy!


So…what next? Along with regular maintenance of watering your roses, any needed dead-heading and continued reconnaissance for pest and disease, you may want to think about what else you can do to make your workload easier. If you decide to go more “green” you can benefit your roses and other garden plants and promote the welfare of our little blue and green planet…while you save money in the process!mother earth  our blue green planet


Waste Not – Want Not!  –  Return to Mother Earth Her Blessings –


Are you tired of bagging all those grass clippings and then struggling to haul the heavy loads to the curb?  Have you also accumulated quite the pile of twigs, fallen leaves and pruned branches you’ve never quite done anything with?  Have a small vegetable garden…and have pods and corn shucks to dispense with?  And you have that ‘nagging’ feeling that you need to get it all out of sight.. Well, simply return to Mother Earth what is rightfully hers.  Create a compost pile!


Ah, yes!  Not only can you turn all that yard debris and waste into black gold for your roses and gardens next year, but what about all that household waste such as coffee grounds and egg shells, expired vegetables no longer edible and other table scraps?  They’ve all been going into the garbage or the disposal…and you could be recycling them to create a usable, healthy, nutrient rich soil enhancement for your rose shrubs and other plants! You can stop the waste, save money on commercial fertilizers and make your rose soil more workable and plant friendly.


Go Greener – Recycle – Create  Compost!


A compost pile is easy to do.   Or, you may prefer a bin of some design to keep things more ‘prim’ in your yard. You can buy bins in a variety of designs and price ranges, or you can make your own simple  compost bin or even a more complex one if you so choose. Whatever you decide to utilize, you will be taking the next step in helping restore Mother Nature by recycling natural materials, ‘going green’ in such a simple, yet resourceful way, saving yourself work down the road in more than one way, and saving money to boot!  Now THAT is one recipe for happiness!        


And not a bad thought to be having as you relax and enjoy your special home rose-adorned haven.  You’re not only creative and artistic — but smart!


Black Gold for Your Rose Shrub Plants – Ready in Spring


So – when you get round to easing up off that backyard hammock or lawn chaise, resolve to carry through on your pleasant deliberation! Check out the many styles of compost receptacles you can buy or create that suits your needs…and get one into place to use the rest of the season!  Organic rose care and composting is in! 


By the start of next growing season, your easy organic composting efforts will already have some of that rich ‘black gold’ to use — which will not only make your  rose garden soil easier to work… but make your roses and garden plants happy and healthy as well.  They will reward you with magnificent rose flower displays – which, in turn, will make you happy with smiles!  And that, along with fewer ‘dents’ in the wallet, will make next season even more enjoyable  and ‘smiley’ all round.  And Mother Earth thanks rainbow rose colorsyou – along with future generations.



Did you know that certain things must not be added to  your compost pile?  And if not tended properly, it could attract stingng wasps?  OUCH!
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