Fundamental Rose Care and Planting Tips

Rose Planting Tips for Growing Roses Gorgeous

Planting roses takes more than just digging a hole
and dropping in the rose shrub. Proper planning for
location, soil foundation, spacing and maintenance
will not only enhance the health of your gardening
roses, but it will add up to less work for you as well
in the long run.

    Rose Planting Tips

    Providing the Proper Real Estate for your Roses

For good rose care, proper rose planting and location help give your roses the best 'home' for years of healthy beauty.Location – location – location!… Important to us…important to your rose shrubs.
Roses prosper when situated in a ‘nice neighborhood’ as much as we do.


Once you have decided which roses you will bring home to make part of your landscape ‘family’…(and many gardeners can quickly become rose enthusiasts…making their beloved specimens part of the ‘family’ in heart), you will want to provide them with the best possible ‘home – room ‘ in your yard, where they will grow and spend their lives with you and your family.


Provide a Healthy Foundation

Just as with all living things, the proper start is paramount.  If our kids don’t have a healthy home environment to be nurtured,  the  bad results can populate our jails.  If not given good food to grow, we find later health conditions that rack up insurance rates for us all and bulk up hospital occupancy.  Same for our pets.  And our garden plants.  All living things need a healthy, basic foundation to grow, mature properly and not just live…but prosper. Or – we face the consequences.


So it is with your roses.  Providing your bushes a healthy home and foundation of good, friable, healthy soil is one of the basic rose care keys to rose growing success and something that should not be shortchanged. Without this basic life element…all else will be a struggle.


Rose soil provides not only the structural foundation for  your rose plants, but it is the source of your roses ‘nutrition as well.  If soil is not of proper consistency, vital nutrients may be added to the soil, but your roses won’t be able to access them.  Such condition will weaken your rose bush plants, which in turn, will attract pests – who love to attack plants in weakened states – and diseases.  We are then put to scramble for ‘solutions’ and scratch our heads to figure out causes, etc.  A lot of work – and a lot of frustration – to say the very least.


If your area is not ideal …your soil is too clay heavy or the opposite … too sandy.. .then prepare to make amendments  to provide optimal soil conditions for roses before you bring home your first rose companion.  Or, if you already have struggling roses, make arrangements to enrich their environment and give them the simple  soil basics of what they need.
If the soil  for your roses is just too poor to make compost and organic amendments and added soil a viable solution, don’t despair.  You can build raised beds or grow roses in containers and provide the welcome, life-giving healthy soil they need to thrive — and reward you with their breathtaking beauty for years and years to come as “Thank- You”.



    Let there be Light!

Most gardening roses can be planted in full sun to partial shade, but should be positioned to receive at least six hours of sunshine a day – and especially morning sun. In hotter climes, adjustments may be made for the more intense light, with some shade provided, especially in the hottest parts of the afternoon.


Proper planting depth and width of the planting hole allows the rose plant roots to spread unhindered, and gives them a good start in obtaining nutrients from the soil they need to prosper. Dig the hole 18 inches deep and 24 inches wide. Make a mound in the bottom and spread the roots over the mound to allow them to expand as they grow into the loosened soil you have provided by the width and depth of the hole.


   Don’t Fence Me In!

Ever hear that song? ;-)
Your rose shrubs might adopt it as their rosy theme song.  They need space to ‘breathe’ and grow.


Proper spacing between your rose plants  to position them at sufficient distance from one another as well as other plants, trees and shrubs, allows them to grow uncrowded and unhindered to their mature height and width and allows them to receive good air circulation and ample sunlight. Most rose shrubs will grow healthily with 2-3 feet of space between them and/or other shrubs. Be sure to plan for growth and the mature size of your gardening rose at its maximum as you plan your garden and dig the holes. You will save much work in the future with pruning, disease and pest combat, extra waterings and possible transplanting by meeting those requirements from the start.


       Buy Me a Drink…

Well no need for that with these companions… but you do need to be sure they get good hydration to maintain their exquisite beauty.  Locate your roses near your intended water source for efficiency and ease of maintenance when possible. Lugging long hoses back and forth to assure your rose shrubs are well hydrated can become daunting, with risk that you will avoid it…much to the detriment of your garden roses.


Try a drip system or one similar to this
to assist in your Roses’ water needs!

Proper planning to account for these spatial and assorted needs before you bring home your beautiful rose companions is essential for keeping your roses happy, healthy and  thriving with less work from you!




Own Root Rose

Deep purple colored flowers,
lighter reverse,
Dark burgundy red stamens/anthers
Hardy, compact 3×3 ‘
Prolific Bloomer
Mildly fragrant
Grows well in Zones 4-9  

 Old Antique  Own Root

Easy to Grow.
Profuse Blooms.
Discovered in Smith Parish
Bermuda in 1844.
Great Hedge.
No Fragrance
May need protecton Zone 4.

Own Root
Hardy 12′ Climbing Rose

Red and white striped &
yellow centered blooms.
1999 ARS Winner
Bountiful Blooms All Season!
Very Disease Resistant
Wonderful  Sweet Fragrance!
Grows well in Zones 5-9

Provide the Simple Basic Rose Care Essentials – Your Roses will  DELIGHT you
their Resplendant Beauty for a Lifetime! 



on All Things Needed and Desired
for Your Rose Garden







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