The Hybrid Tea – The ‘Bachelor’s’ Rose Flower

The Hybrid Tea  – Rose of Love

The Hybrid Tea Rose speaks the language of
love and romance in a class all its own. The
hybrid tea rose became an instant sensation
when first introduced, with its special high-
pointed rose flower perched upon a long,
slender stem.
The hybrid tea flower, unlike most other rose
types, displays its elegant glory as a single rose
per stem, needing no other adornment to capture
the hearts of millions around the world to become
and remain the most popular rose of all time.


The hybrid tea rose is the most popular rose of love.Not only the handsome hunks from the popular TV show, but bachelors in general, make good use of the lovely rose in their quest for love. And the rose of choice is the ‘Hybrid Tea’. 


 The hybrid tea might basically be called a ‘ flower of lovers’. With a single, many petaled flower shaped voluptuously atop a slender stem, it is the perfect long – stemmed rose, a favorite cutting rose and the rose choice of florists worldwide.


With over 237 varieties available currently – and growing – the hybrid tea rose  is an ideal choice to present to the love of your life, as a special gift for Mom or as an enchanting natural art display from mother nature for your home decor.  This rose  type adorns the settings of many weddings as well.  This resplendent rose will add a touch of elegance to any room, even as a lone flower in your favorite rose vase.
(View the hybrid rose tea pictures onsite  for a sampling of the wonderful, exciting rose color choices that are available to enjoy!)



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Commercially, this perfectly shaped rose, with its long stem and sophisticated high profile,  is also a favorite. Images of  romantic hybrid teas are found on wall decor and wall paper,  paintings, dinnerware and accessories, on gift wraps, jewelry boxes and furniture, wedding   decorations and especially employed on assorted items for Valentine’s Day. They are even used for tattoos.. and the list goes on…..


This exquisite rose  bush blooms repeatedly, which added to its instant popularity when first introduced, and with proper care, can be a strong rose shrub. Like a lady of high fashion, the hybrid tea in general has required a bit more ‘maintenance’ than most other gardening roses. They seem to be more susceptible to pest and disease than other types of roses, the hardiness of parent stock as well as the more heady perfumes likely having been lost in the hybrid process. Black spot and powdery mildew are the two most common diseases that have a liking for the hybrid tea rose bush, but the same goes for many other roses.


   Hybrid Tea Rose Bush – The More Delicate Rose


Growing hybrid teas may not be a best first choice for cold-climate areas. Extra hybrid tea rose care efforts are needed to cover, prune and protect this magnificent, more delicate rose type somewhat more than some other rose choices from the scourge of winter. However, hardier versions of the hybrid tea rose shrub are being developed each year, and some hyrbrid tea roses with wonderful scent are also available.  The magnificence of this wonderful rose shrub and the many choices of exciting colors make the hybrid tea rose worth any small extra effort, if growing conditions in your area, even colder climates, are otherwise good.


Hybrid tea roses delight with an array of gorgeous colors!Created by combining the best traits of the the tea rose and the hybrid perpetual, the resulting ‘hybrid tea’ became an instant sensation. Although not known for their strong scent, unlike other popular older roses, hybrid tea roses were immediately popular with their enchanting appearance alone, differing vastly from other roses available at the time. And now available – to make love less painful – a thornless type of hybrid tea was created to give to your special someone. Of course, the thorn adds a dimension of character and certainly demands respect as a means to protect its delicate beauty. Perhaps the beauties of any species understand the need to’ play hard to get’!   :-) And the myriad of  wonderful hybrid tea rose names with the ever-growing hybrid tea varieties adds to the mystique and fun of  learning how to grow these elegant, inspiring roses!



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   Feed  your Hybrid Teas a Proper Diet

Hybrid Tea rose care includes proper feeding and watering schedules.Proper care for your hybrid tea rose shrub is of prime importance, as it is for any rose. Proper feeding schedules and watering regimens will keep your hybrid tea in top fashion form. One common mistake made by new rosarians is underfeeding…but overfeeding can be tragic as well. Just as with our own health, overfeeding can lead to problems for your roses, and careless application of fertilizers to  feed your roses can burn the leaves and stems.


Remember that rose food is often concentrated and requires dilution. Ample watering helps to dilute the nutrients in the fertilizer and make it easier for the rose to use. Feeding is usually only necessary once in the spring and once in the fall, depending on the product you use. Natural additions of humus and compost are always welcome by all plants, and the rose in particular. Many rosarians prefer the more natural means of ‘nutrition’ for their roses, which also serves to keep some of the most toxic chemicals allowed by law out of our water, soil and ecosystem…and eventually us and our companion species around us.


   Keep Your Hybrid Teas ‘ ‘Complexions’  Fresh

    Give Them Their Water Before Bedtime, Too!

Roses are heavier feeders and also need more water than the average garden plant. Hybrid tea roses, as with most garden roses, need a good deep watering.  Just as we are advised to ‘stay properly hydrated’  with ‘X’ glasses of water a day, so too, do our beloved Hybrid Teas  need proper ‘fluids’ to keep their ‘complexions’ s fresh and glowing .  :-)


Hybrid tea rose care includes watering deeply at the base of your rose shrub.A 2 – 3 times weekly deep soaking, down to about 2 inches, is a good rule of thumb. If it rains, less watering may be necessary, but regular, proper hydration..and not too much, either…  is needed every week.  Avoid getting water on the leaves…water from the base of the plant when possible. Hybrid teas and all rose bushes, like most ladies, dislike having their special ‘attire’ dampened by water. In more every day terms, water left on the leaves and blossoms that cannot readily evaporate can lead to black spot, a nasty, disfiguring rose plant disease, and invite powdery mildew to take up residence. If watering from above or providing a good spraying to dislodge pests, do so in the morning hours to give your special rose friends time to dry their appearance well before ‘bedtime”!


    Hybrid Tea Rose Flower Care

    Create A Health and ‘Needs’ Diary for Your Hybrid Tea


Keep your particular hybrid tea rose information in a special rose notebook from year to year.

All the information you’re absorbing about maintenance of your hybrid tea rose shrubs with feeding, proper watering, pruning and insect and disease control may seem over the top and overwhelming when you first start gardening roses. Rather like learning to care for a new infant! But rest assured, the process is not difficult to learn, and if you implement some helpful assists, your rose gardening results and consequent pride and joy will benefit.


Start a Health  Diary …a Rose Baby Book, if you will for your Hybrid Teas and other rose shrubs and garden plants. Try keeping some notes when you first get started. Jotting down the details of your observations and concepts about your hybrid tea and its care will give you important information to assure proper growth and development. This manifest will allow you to check back if needed and bring you up to date right away next season so you don’t forget anything important to proper rose care.


Such log systems can also be valuable assets for your other garden and flowering plants as well.  Keeping tabs on which  companion plants  add the most in your rose gardens will make successful rose gardening that much easier and more enjoyable.  Understanding and documenting your rose shrubs’ needs will help you to become more comfortable with the care of your plants, and your appreciation of the special glory of your hybrid tea roses will grow substantially.



The hybrid tea is given for various reasons as an expression of love and appreciation.And take heart, all you bachelors and bachelorettes — giving the rose for the beauty and expression of passion and depth of love can continue on into your golden years together, once your single status has merged by marriage. Roses are welcome and appreciated at every stage of the game of love…and grow more cherished with the bonds of time. The vast array of colors and the meanings of rose colors have not lost appeal. The beauty and mystique of the hybrid tea rose and all the special meanings have not faded with time.


May our love be as eternal!


 Enjoy the Hybrid Tea in SO many Ways!






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