Rose Meanings and Colors

The Language of Rose Colors and Numbers

Rose meanings are linked to rose colors.
Throughout history, roses have been used
to symbolize love, affection, friendship,
infatuation and more — and sadly even
used as a symbol of war.
Roses and their colors have a ‘body language’
all their own. Discover some of those rose color
meanings here along with what the number of
roses given has to say!


    How to Read your Rose’s ‘Body Language’

While the significance of the red rose is known by nearly everyone…especially on Valentine’s day, roses come in a rainbow of hues, and the colors of roses have acquired different meanings through history. Additionally, the number of roses given to that special someone also hold symbolic meaning, as well as the combination of rose colors presented to the rose recipient.


When giving roses, you may decide to choose your favorite color or those of your intended object of affection. But more and more people are finding interest in rose color meanings, and it may behoove you to know exactly what you might be saying by the colors of roses you present to your special giftee. Men, too, have reported their appreciation in receiving roses and other flowers as gifts. So remember that color can talk!


    Rose “Talk”  Popular Again  – Different Meanings for     Different Cultures – Different Times

Every rose or flower conveys warmth or appreciation to the individual…but what else do these rose colors mean? Rose symbolism roots go way back in time…and each rose color has meant different things at different times, and can mean different things in different cultures. For the ‘western world’ at least, the following color meanings of roses are generally accepted.


Most of us don’t take the meanings of rose colors as seriously as was the status quo in say, ‘Victorian’ times, when stilted social customs helped evolve such a ‘telling’, but indirect, means of expressing one’s inner-most heart messages.


With none of our modern electronic ‘flirting’ devices, such as email, texting, online social sites, cell phone photo exchanges and such, under the watchful eyes of parents and relatives as well as neighbors, for young or courting people of the time, the meaning of roses and their special symbolism of rose colors was a serious art!


But rose color meanings are again growing in popularity, at least for the added fun and enjoyment of roses themselves.


For the shy and ‘hard to find the words’ types, this system may have something special going!  To be sure the recipient is ‘speaking the same language’, however, a subtle ‘glossary’ or reference to this article may be in order!


    Learn the Meaning of Roses and Rose Colors

Here are some of the symbolic rose colors and number combinations that you can use to translate the following thoughts to your intended:



  • Red(single

 – I love you
  • Red
 – love – romantic or sincere,    respect,  passion or courage,    beauty, congratulations, job well    done!
  • Red
 – symbolizes purity, loveliness
  • Red
    Dark or

 – unconscious beauty
  • Red
    and White
 – given together, signify unity
  • Red
    and Yellow
 – happy, jovial feelings
  • White
 – purity, innocence, reverence,    humility, youthfulness,secrecy or    silence, I am worthy of you,
  • White
 – happy love –
  • Heavenly
 – girlhood
  • Pink

– thank-you, admiration, grace,    appreciation, perfect happiness,    gentleness, please believe me
  • Light

– sympathy, gentleness, grace, joy,
admiration, gladness, sweetness
  • Dark
 – gratitude, thank – you,    appreciation
  • Yellow
 – joy, delight, friendship, promise       of a new beginning, remember me,    welcome back,—and oh-oh!! —     jealousy !
  • Yellow
    Red Tip
 -deep friendship, falling in love
  • Coral
 – desire
  • Orange
 – desire, enthusiasm, fascination
  • Lavender
    or — Thornless Rose
 – love at first sight
  • Peach
 – appreciation, sincerity, let’s get     together, closing of a deal,
  • Pale
 – modesty

Click any photo for more info – and additional options!



    The Numbers Game

Rose colors and the number given have special meanings.As you can see, there are some varied choices to say the same or similar you can match to mood, favorite colors or the color of your desired recipients whimsy or attire!


Rose colors can also be combined with the number of roses given to convey additional sentiments, with some additional choices to suit your circumstances!


* Single Rose in any Color – gratitude, simplicity,



* Red (single rose) – I love you




    • 1 Rose – Love at first sight! – also as above – ‘I Love You’
    • 2 Roses – Mutual feelings
    • 3 Roses – I Love  You! (yet again! :-)  )
    • 7 Roses – I’m infatuated with you (hmm..why does ‘love’ only rate 1 or 3 roses , then…?)
    • 9 Roses – Together as long as we live
    • 10 Roses – You’re Perfect!
    • 11 Roses – You’re my treasured one
    • 12 Roses – Be my steady
    • 13 Roses – Forever friends
    • 15 Roses – I’m really sorry
    • 20 Roses – I’m sincere towards you
    • 21 Roses – I’m committed to you
    • 36 Roses – I’ll remember our romantic moments (you’d better! — or you’ll be on the hook for another 15! )
    • 40 Roses – My love is genuine


And for those who REALLY like

to make an impression :)


  • 99 Roses – I’ll love you till the day I die
  • 100 Roses – I’m totally devoted to you
  • 101 Roses – You’re my one and only
  • 108 Roses – Will you marry me? (geesh..And ”The Bachelor’ gets away with only giving ONE!…)
  • 999 Roses – My love will last till the end of time
  • Leaves – Symbolize hope

Creating a mutual interest in this rose symbolism can ‘spark’ additional special bonds and moments between two people… and become a language all your own as well. A romantic journey!


So study up on these rose color meanings… and start ‘talking’ to that special person in your life! The ‘language of love’ is spoken in many ways! What more enticing way, than with the beautiful, inspiring Rose?






       YOUnique Rose-Theme Gift Ideas!




Special Color & Arrangement Ideas
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Pattern in Basket of Roses, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Pattern in Basket of Roses, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Adam Jones


White Roses Bouquet

White Roses Bouquet
Christine …

Ornamental Roses II

Igor Levashov






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