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      Welcome to The Rose Zone


   Rose Shrubs - Gardening Roses         - Inspiration for Everyone! -

           Enjoy Rose Photos and Videos

               from Around the World!

The Rose Shrub is a versatile plant that can be grown by anyone, and the Rose flowers and fruit can be utilized in many ways!

Catch some of the 'how-to'Rose videos below as well as the gorgeous snapshots. Check back daily..there are always fresh, new Rose-themed media to enjoy!


The-Rose-Zone Rose Gardens!

Before you meander on to other Rose Havens of the may enjoy a visit to my

Rose Gardens here at

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 Or - For a shorter Tour - Peruse my "FlipBook" on the Gateway Page!


Browse a bit -- and Dream awhile. Let yourself be inspired by the beauty of one of Mother Nature's most exquisite gifts - the breath-taking Rose bloom!

  • Allow your spirit to savor the wonder and thrill of the gorgeous rose... Imagine yourself lounging restfully on your patio, enamored with the wonderful perfume wafting sweetly around you. From above, boughs of splendidly colored and fragrant rose blossoms peek lavishly through the trellis arbor..
  • Let your imagination be swept away and be inspired by what can be--by what you yourself can create in your own back yard!
  • ...And you can start now, from the comfort of your chair, by savoring the ideas and the beauty that others have created around the world with the magnificent Rose.

All brought conveniently here for you to enjoy...and to inspire your heart and soul to soar!





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20% Perspiration - 80% Inspiration

Imagine the Rose Garden of Your

Dreams - and bring your Desires

                  to Life!





Love Crafts? Ready to 'Pop the Question' or plan a Wedding? Want to learn how to make special gifts from Roses?

Watch for all the Great basic 'How-To" Videos here - and grab some great creative ideas too!



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Antique Roses - Old is Good!
Old" is "hip",..."phat", even. Old-time roses are making a comeback in many a Rose garden. Antique/Old Garden Roses are known for their gloriously abundant perfumes, and they need less major pruning than many of their cousins.
Growing roses of the antique kind can free us from the extra work of Rose care needed for the more "Modern" roses, bred for the glorious mixes of red, white, yellow, pink and varied hues. Going back to our heritage proves that 'Old' can be Very Good!


Is YOUR Soil Sexy Enough?
Good soil is a key fundamental to healthy roses and other garden plants. Soil is a living entity, with organic and mineral components as well as beneficial soil fungi and bacteria that all contribute to the health of your plants. The trick is making your soil "sexy" enough to entice these beneficial organisms to your garden...and get them to stay!

Midsummer Rose Care
Mid-summer rose care includes weeding, final fertilizing, dead-heading, pest and disease surveil-
lance -- and just your pure, all-sense enjoy-
ment! But for even more glorious displays next year and beyond - there's more you can do now!
Take a few , simple, E-Z 'green' steps now to enrich your roses - save time - work - some
'green'backs -- and our precious planet as well!




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