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          ROSE SHRUBS-
   Gardening Roses for Everyone


'The Rose is a Rose is a Rose ... and by any other name would smell as sweet.'

As these famous statements declare, the Rose by mere name can evoke images, memories, ideas and feelings in most everyone. And no matter what its name...and whether it be known as a rose or not...the fragrance of the rose shrub delights the baby as well the adult. Animals of varied species are attracted as well to roses, providing important mutual benefits, such as pollination, honey production, food supplies and medicinal applications. Since roses need water to thrive, the presence of rose shrubs have even helped people locate water supplies for survival!


Rose History, Colors and Symbolic Meanings

Roses have thrived and evolved for eons....likely enjoyed by beings of prehistoric times, long before modern homo sapiens were a twinkle in the eye of the universe. Rose symbolism has encompassed many concepts through the ages. The meaning of roses has at different times in history served as a symbol of peace, passion, friendship, courage, joy, sympathy, romance or beauty. The colors of roses through time have evolved special meanings and become a special rose language all their own -- the red rose long esteemed as a special emblem of Love.


"The red rose whispers of passion,
And the white rose breathes of love
     O, the red rose is a Falcon,
     And the white rose is a Dove."

But I send you a cream-white rose bud
With a flush on its petal tips;
For the love that is purest and sweetest
     Has a kiss of desire on the lips.

        ~ John Boyle O'Reilly
- 1844-1890


Derived from the Latin term 'rosa', the Romans as well as the Greeks entwined the lovely rose with their Goddesses of Love, Aphrodite and Venus. No wonder then, that the wonders of the Rose have so long been prized as a banner of love and celebrated in prose and rhyme for centuries.



The rose speaks of love silently,        in a language known only to the heart."

        :     ~ Unknown ~


Growing Roses with Purpose


On the practical side, roses are valued for the breathtaking beauty they bring to the home landscape. Gardening roses can be employed to cover unsightly views with welcome color and texture to delight the eye. They will ramble and multiply to adorn an extensive yardscape, making maintenance of large areas easier, while painting a stunning natural canvas.

Rose shrubs are also grown for use in healthful recipes, to adorn sparkling vases within the home, to use in special corsages for that special Mom or to be pinned on that special gal by nervous fingers of a new beau. And who hasn't heard of the thousands upon thousands of rose petals strewn about by Roman Emporer Nero and Egyptian Queen Cleopatra to enhance their romantic sojourns as well as to decorate for their guests at lavish parties?..

The fragrance wafting from rose gardens can be intoxicating, and their perfume has enchanted throughout time. Roses are grown to make aromatic rose oil as well as fragrant perfumes commercially and are used in many fun, practical and artistically beautiful craft projects. And who can resist lounging under a private sanctuary of hanging boughs of roses, dripping with resplendent, luxuriant blossoms from a trellis above? Roses offer welcome beauty to behold with the eye, while scenting the air with their delicate perfume to soothe and enchant the soul's senses.....

The perfume of roses are like   exquisite chords of music
composed of many odor notes
  harmoniously blended."

            ~ N F Miller ~




Indeed, growing roses can touch the artistic essence in each of us, inspire and make our hearts sing!


Rose Growing - Hope and Rose Shrubs for All


Contrary to perpetuated belief, roses are not difficult to grow. Just as with most any living thing, variety is the spice of life, and some rose types, like other plants, are easier to grow than others, depending on where you live. Some thrive more readily in some areas than others, but Roses are found around the world and come in an extensive array of colors and fragrances, with more being developed every year.

Whether you have a desire to exercise your green thumb, to solve a practical landscape problem, to grow a cutting rose garden for your dining table rose bouquets or home decor, or to express your creative and artistic side with elegant glory, there is a rose type and a rose color that will fill your needs. Wherever you live, from the tropics through the temperate zones to colder climes, there are roses that will fill your life with delight...and you can learn to grow them with ease. You're out of luck if you reside in the polar caps, however, but you might enjoy silk or plastic versions or perhaps a frozen specimen... :-)


Anyone with desire and proper guidance can grow roses to enjoy and inspire, savor and cherish for a lifetime. You can learn to make your landscape the envy of your neighborhood, make maintenance of both large and small garden areas much easier and elicit the giddy, inspired 'ooooh's and ahhh's' of admiring friends and family. You can savor the uncounted delights of growing your own roses to use as special gifts, in fun and beautiful crafts...and to keep your family healthy with special rose recipes made from your own home-grown roses!


And that is the aim provide you with information and understanding to help you to grow the rose garden of your heart's desire inspire you and your rose gardening endeavors ...and to help you appreciate the wondrous rose and all the many ways it can be enjoyed as a Life-Delight to adorn your life and those you love.




The sweetest flower that blows,
        I give you as we part.
        For you it is a Rose,
        For me it is my heart."

~ Frederick Peterson 1859-1938

It's always such a delight to share one's own joy or passion with the like-minded. Helping more rose admirers to transition from rose lover to rose growing enthusiasts...and join the a happy endeavor...and I'd be thrilled to hear your stories of 'glory'!

Enjoy The-Rose-Zone ... and learn how to begin YOUR Lifetime Journey of Delight with your own successful, show-stopping Rose Garden! Nothing would delight me more!..

Catch you on the "Rosy" side!





Here are a few scenes of The Rose Zone Rose Gardens I hope you will enjoy!

For a more extended "Tour" of some of the rosy landscape here at The-Rose-Zone  -- visit The Rose Zone Rose Gallery --  and Click on my Video!



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Antique Roses - Old is Good!
Old" is "hip",..."phat", even. Old-time roses are making a comeback in many a Rose garden. Antique/Old Garden Roses are known for their gloriously abundant perfumes, and they need less major pruning than many of their cousins.
Growing roses of the antique kind can free us from the extra work of Rose care needed for the more "Modern" roses, bred for the glorious mixes of red, white, yellow, pink and varied rose color hues. Going back to our heritage proves that 'Old' can be Very Good!

Is YOUR Soil Sexy Enough?
Good soil is a key fundamental to healthy roses and other garden plants. Soil is a living entity, with organic and mineral components as well as beneficial soil fungi and bacteria that all contribute to the health of your plants. The trick is making your soil "sexy" enough to entice these beneficial organisms to your garden...and get them to stay!

Midsummer Rose Care
Mid-summer rose care includes weeding, final fertilizing, dead-heading, pest and disease surveil-
lance -- and just your pure, all-sense enjoy-
ment! But for even more glorious displays next year and beyond - there's more you can do now!
Take a few , simple, E-Z 'green' steps now to enrich your roses - save time - work - some
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