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Roses- Grow Rainbows in your Garden!


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 again to my fellow Rose-Rainbow Enthusiasts!                                                                  

 Cathy at The-Rose-Zone ...                                                                                                                         

...with Great News about a great special package I have put together for you!  These books are being offered to my  newest customers only at  a very special package price! 


Take just a few moments to savor the details included below...and I think you'll realize what a tremendous value to your gardening experience and your special reference library---not to mention relief to your piggy bank -- is yours  for the grabbing! (...and  there's an additional BONUS as well!)   


These books are superb complements to ROSES - Grow Rainbows in Your Garden -
   and together will provide you a Powerhouse of knowledge!                                                               

These two books will round out your reference library and provide further
    gardening insights that are applicable to growing Dazzling Rose Rainbows...
    as well as a host of other garden pleasures!
And like your new Rose manual, they will be indispensible references that you
will use time and again for years to come!                                                                               


I'm really excited to provide this opportunity to enhance your   gardening joys "real steal" prices......but please read on ... 
and decide for yourself!  (I'll bet you'll be happy you did!) 


(If you, too, find you don't want to be without them in your reference library, please take advantage of this special package I put together for you now -- while they are
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this package offer may need to be altered or withdrawn at any time.)






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     Discover How To Create The Ultimate Garden

Save Money, Grow Healthy Organic Food, Trees and Plants for Your Family

- Impress Friends & Neighbors with your Creativity and Success!  -

In my quest to make your Rose-growing experience as highly rewarding and successful as I can, I'm excited to offer two manuals that will serve to underscore and supplement what you will learn in "ROSES-Grow Rainbows in Your Garden."

These books will provide additional elements and dimensions to excite your creative instincts... a number of really terrific ways to enhance your Rose gardens to all the glory you have long imagined they would be!

And they don't skimp on all the practical, down-to-earth time-saving specifics you need to get your gardening tasks accomplished

The combination of these two e-Books is an absolutely
complement to your new
Rose Manual -                                       

          "ROSES-Grow Rainbows in Your Garden!"


Both are immediately downloadable as well, and simply brimming with gardening tips for every task in the garden, organic methods and pointers and time savers that will boost your depth of knowledge gained in your Rose-Rainbow manual, and further allow you more special time to enjoy your garden, rather than just working in it! Several sections are particularly usable in your Rose garden!

It doesn't matter if you're a complete amateur, a budding enthusiast or a gardening professional; you'll find lots of new ideas to create the garden of your dreams.

". .These books contain all the information you need                  

                   to create a beautiful garden - Just like the Pro's"!  

.. .


WITH your PURCHASE of 'ROSES-Grow Rainbows  in Your Garden'

   You May Select EITHER or BOTH Books at a SPECIAL DISCOUNT!  


You receive yet ANOTHER BONUS with EITHER Purchase!  



Your order for this Deluxe Package is placed (securely) online, and in a matter of minutes, you will be able to begin reading either or both of these very thorough books along with your new "ROSES-Grow Rainbows in Your Garden."


 Even if you want to order at 3 a.m. ...the books are delivered instantly after successful process of your order!  (..and if you're like me...up into the wee hours gleefully planning and designing my'll appreciate the instant gratification!) smileyface

'Your Garden'
  and ';Organic Secrets
' are both amazing books! Many of those must-do                 
  jobs you've been putting off - or unsure of how to tackle - will seem much less daunting                
and will take far 
less time.  You'll refer back to these great references again and again
as you build toward your perfect garden.  


  It's like having a professional gardener looking over your shoulder!         

Here are the savory details of these jam-packed - "must have" References for   your Gardening Library!                                                 


 Book #1
                               "Your Garden!"
                                                                             Your Garden Book
                    Hundreds Of Easy To Follow Ideas, Tips and  Shortcuts                                                               To Create The Perfect Garden

My Rose manual will instruct you well on how to provide the best soil for your roses. This handy manual provides additional information to help you understand the importance of good soil for gardening per se:  its components, necessary nutrients, and how to improve it -- all of which will strengthen what you learn in my Rose manual.

You’ll find it valuable additional help in understanding how to use cover crops –as living mulch…
and as  nutritional amendments.

I appreciate its additional value to you with its description of organic and inorganic mulches, how
to compost, and even how to build a compost bin from scrap materials!  All of these items will
complement the instruction you receive in your Rose Book, providing valuable assist to your
successful Rose garden. And they are delivered for you in this well-rounded, searchable, ebook
by Pauline Hodgkinson.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Just Take a Look at Some Of The Topics Included:

Instantly identify the plants that will thrive in your garden.  This tip will save you money and prevent the disappointment of losing prized specimens.   

A simple tip that will help you identify the soil types in your garden.  It takes less than a minute and you won't need an expensive soil testing kit.

Discover which three commonly available plants can increase soil fertility, suppress weeds, improve the structure of your soil and help nourish any plants you put in the ground afterwards.

How to easily build a super effective compost bin from throwaway materials.

Find Out the key ingredient to good planting soil, ignore this tip and you could severely harm the prospects for healthy plants.

Discover which common household remedy can be used to dramatically increase fruiting and flowering of roses, tomatoes and peppers.

Learn how to design or re-design your garden just like the Pros, easy tricks and professional tips that you can use to create the perfect design to suit your needs.

How to create your own highly effective pest repellents without harmful and dangerous chemicals.”


The tips on using color and design elements will surely be of interest to you for your Rose garden as well!  The manual includes additional ways to propagate plants you may want to try once you’ve gotten your jumpstart on your Rose garden and command the techniques you’ve learned in  Roses – grow Rainbows in Your Garden.”

The manual covers creating garden pathways and repelling pests; it teaches you how to build raised beds, as discussed in my Book, and even has plans for a simple Pergola that you can build -- to train your prize Roses to climb –which you learn to do in” Roses - grow Rainbows in Your Garden”! 

You will even learn to build a pond in this manual, and learn to use waterfalls and fountains.  Think of all the beautiful possibilities you can create with your newly gained expertise with your Roses ---and all the enhancements you can imagine and design with the rich resources provided in this garden manual!


There's more really good news here!  There’s no waiting for this manual either…
it will be delivered direct to your computer with your order of “
ROSES-Grow Rainbows 
in Your Garden
  in this DELUXE Package.

You can read it on your PC or print out handy sections to take into the garden with you. 

There is even more inside - covering a host of gardening know-how:  ground covers, trees, pruning of trees and other flowering plants; cottage gardens, water gardens, additional information on pests (that attack roses and more) ..even a garden calendar!

 The gardening information that can be applied to your Rose Rainbow garden 
 to supplement your success is more than worth the purchase of this book alone! 

But if you have been in need of additional help to care for and nurture other 
plants in your yard-scape...or have been itching to create beautiful backdrops
and companion garden designs for your Roses……this
is exactly
what you 
need to bring your plans to life


 The composite information packed into this manual would take many trips to the library, many  books, or long searches to locate, and still be unfulfilled.  It is all conveniently brought together  in “Your Garden”…for you!  And instantly available to read in the comfort of your easy chair!

                       Here's a full alphabetical listing of all the great                                                                 topics covered in 'Your Garden'  

      • About The Plant Hardiness Zone System
      • Autumn Colours
      • Bark - Ringing & Scoring
      • Building a Pond
      • Compost Bins / Worm bins
      • Container Gardening
      • Cuttings - Everything You'll Ever Need To Know
      • Decking - A Complete How To
      • Fruit Growing
      • Garden Design
      • Greenhouse Garden
      • How to Lay Garden Paving
      • Improving the Soil
      • Insect Stings
      • Insects & Pests
      • Kitchen Garden
      • Lawns - Perfect Lawn Care Advice
      • Natural Mosquito Repellents
      • Path side planting
      • Paths and walkways
      • Pergolas - How To Build Your Own
      • Planting
      • Propagation
      • Propagation by Budding and Grafting
      • Pruning Trees, Shrubs and Other Plants
      • Raised beds
      • Roses – How to grow and Prune
      • Soil Testing
      • Soil Texture
      • Soil Types
      • The Cottage garden                                 
      • The Seasons
      • The Water garden           
      • Topiary
      • Tree damage repair
      • Vegetables
      • Water Features                                                     

As you can see there’s so much useful knowledge in here -- you’ll be referring
back to this work over and over again every year.   The projects alone got my creative tendencies percolating...(yes... more stimulation to keep me up yet longer into the wee hours!....   smileyface  )                                                                                              


             Now - let's take a look at  Book #2 !  

              "  Organic Secrets"


You'll get over 40 chapters that explain in plain and simple terms how to become 'Organic'.

Gardening organically eliminates chemical toxicity, builds and restores soil the way Mother Nature intended, and recycles tons of would-be waste into life-giving nutrients, while protecting the environment.

 Of particular interest for my newest rosarian readers are the topics covering soil composition  - the backbone of success in any garden -  alternative fertilizers, raised beds, and organic pest control.  Formulas for organic sprays are also included.


The invaluable background knowledge and insight into the process of organic gardening is the highlight of this manual, and of interest and import to any rosarian, who wishes to nurture their Roses the natural way. 


The bonus of detailed instruction and in-depth advice for growing over 36 different types of vegetables will be indispensable - find out when to sow, maintain your crop and when to harvest to get the very best from your garden.  Healthful alternatives!

If you have ever thought about “checking into” growing organically…here is
ultimate opportunity!  This detailed guide will not only prime you well on the
whys and
wherefores ---

– the theories and methods -  of growing organically, but it provides the specifics
needed to handle dozens of vegetables you may have been longing to learn to grow..
or to improve your success

The clarifying insight into organic gardening will complement the growing expertise of our
happy Rose lovers who wish to return their gardens to their natural state and maintain them
with safe, chemical free practice.


Please Note

In order to read "Organic Secrets" you will need:  

Microsoft Windows 95,  98,  NT4,  Me,  2000. XP or later - 

and you'll need Internet Explorer 4 or later  


Don't delay! Order 'Your Garden' or 'Organic Secrets' - or Both  -  

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    'Your Top Twenty Gardening Tips'     


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  • Snap Up BOTH for the Special DELUXE combo price of $16.95! (additional) 


-(This is a huge discount   - less than the retail of one of these books alone!)


I'm really sold on the value of these manuals - and as my way of encouraging you to get 
out there
 and create that Rose Garden of your long-inspired dreams - and to encourage more 
natural nurture of our environment for the benefit of our companion flora and fauna - not to mention our own selves - I'm excited to offer this Valuable Combo Package!


With your purchase of 'ROSES-Grow Rainbows in Your Garden', I am offering both books individually, or at an even larger savings - as a combo - at greatly reduced prices from retail.   And!!... for further inspiration  ...I will still also include the ' Top 20 Garden Tips' booklet absolutely FREE for either purchase!  

These books will be invaluable complementary resources to your new Rose manual,
ROSES-Grow Rainbows in Your Garden'' and further offer you the opportunity to take 
your gardening skills and enthusiasm to other realms. 

Remember that many flowers, herbs and vegetables make wonderful companion plants 
for your Roses - repelling disease, pests,and providing vital nutrients to the soil through 
their symbiotic use of and break-down of nutrients in the soil.


                                                       .....With the Purchase of    
."ROSES - Grow Rainbows in Your Garden"    

                 Here's what you can own today and begin your gardening adventure!..

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                            +  PLUS - ALL 9 of My Special FREE BONUS REFERENCES!

I know you'll find these book absolutely indispensable for all your

gardening questions and concerns. Add one or both to your purchase

of 'ROSES-Grow Rainbows in Your Garden' and you will have a  

powerhouse library of reference to transform your Rose Garden

 -- and every other kind of garden your heart desires..into the premier                                  
 masterpiece of your entire neighborhood!  

...............................Try Everything Entirely at My Risk!.


  If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any of the books, its
   purchase price will be returned.   Guaranteed!
Give them a thorough try for
   60 Days Risk Free!

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                                             60 Day Risk-Free Trial!

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    'YOUR GARDEN'                         OR                         'ORGANIC SECRETS'                                

     "ROSES -Grow Rainbows           in Your Garden"  $29.95 +    

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Special DELUXE Package -All 3 books + 20 Tips + 9 Bonuses


"ROSES - Grow Rainbows in Your Garden - Quick Start Guide

+ " Your Garden" Book

+ "Organic Secrets" Book

+ "20 Tips"

+ 9 Special Bonus References







BONUS BOOK for either DUO Package or Special DELUXE Pkg.                                             

with purchase of one or both books above +  
" ROSES - Grow Rainbows 
in Your Garden "    
With All  9 of my FREE Special Bonus Reports!! )           


Many Special  Thanks for visiting -- 

Enjoy the books and the incredible Gardens you are about to create!   




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